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My inspiration often comes from a restless night’s sleep: the colors, shapes and movement float as I emerge into consciousness. Such elements contribute to my style – loose but connected – and are recognizable throughout my body of work. I also enjoy playing with the contradiction of opposites and know how to manipulate value, tone, and composition to this affect. I see the world in a constant state of such dichotomies – turmoil and beauty, peace and peril, harmony and disaster – which is reflected in my work.


 I try to approach all things in my life with love, kindness, and appreciation and infuse such values in my art. I like for my work to feel ethereal yet have a subtle dark component. My artistic intent is to create a feeling of a memory as opposed to a memory of a specific place. I hope such sentiment shifts the way in which people see themselves and the world – beautifully flawed and impossibly kind.

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